Sulfuric acid :
UR™ 825 is highly resistant to sulfuric acid (all concentrations) at temperatures below 65°C (150°F) and until boiling temperature for concentration to 40%.
Its corrosion resistance is enhanced by the presence of oxidizing salts.

Phosphoric acid :
UR™ 825 well resists to pure phosphoric acid until boiling temperature for concentrations up to 85%.

Nitric acid :
UR™ 825 has a good behavior in nitric acid to concentrations up to 65%. This behavior is lower in the presence of fluorhydric acid.

Chlorhydric acid :
UR™ 825 is susceptible to corrosion when the chlorhydric acid concentration is higher than 20%.


This grade is mainly used for construction vessels, tubes, forgings or sheets used in seawater, sulphuric and nitric acids (particularly for pickling vessels), phosphoric acid and other aggressive media.


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