UR™ 625 presents better pitting corrosion resistance than UR™ 904L and conventional 6%Mo grades.
UR™ 625 grade exhibits excellent corrosion resistance in a wide range of industrial media :
UR™ 625 is highly resistant in mineral acids (sulfuric acid, nitric acid, phosphoric acid) and also in organic acids (oxalic acid, formic acid, acetic acid).

Seawater and brackish water
Tests show that UR™ 625 has a good resistance to pitting corrosion in seawater and brackish water under both flowing and stagnant conditions and under fouling.
This grade can be subjected to crevice corrosion under severe conditions.

Air pollution control
Tests conducted in simulated wet flue gas desulfurization systems show that UR™ 625 is more resistant to pitting corrosion than standard 6% Mo grades especially when bromide ions are added.


Typical uses include industries such as :
• Aerospace, chemical processing, marine, off-shore, nuclear, transportation and storage
• Chemical reactor vessels, distillation columns, evaporators, heat exchangers, transfer piping and valves
• Flue stacks (FGD), waste storage and incinerators, scrubbers, fasteners
• Propeller blades, exhaust ducts
• Undersea and offshore pipes
• Nuclear reactor core and control rod components in water reactors and advanced reactors.


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