The high chromium, molybdenum and nitrogen contents of alloy UR™ 254 (PREN ≥ 42) explain why the grade is resistant to localized corrosion even in acidified oxidizing environments.
The alloy has been successfully used for seawater applications. Thanks to its well-balanced composition with 18% nickel and high chromium molybdenum and nitrogen additions, UR™ 254 alloy is a typical multipurpose super austenitic grade for severe service conditions.
It outperforms alloy UR™ 904L (UNS N08904) in most applications. Alloy UR™ 254 is not designed for concentrated sulfuric acid solutions. It contains 6% Mo but less nickel than the other grades of the 6 Mo family.


• Natural and treated seawater systems, desalination plants
• Pollution control : smelters (ductings, chimneys linings...)
• Bleaching equipment for pulp and paper industries (washers)
• Chemical industries : chloride containing media; phosphoric acid, sulphuric acid - Fine chemical production


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