The UR™ 2507Cu grade performs particularly well in highly corrosive conditions, including sulphuric and phosphoric acid solutions, even in presence of chlorides. The duplex microstructure which provides high mechanical strength explains why the alloy behaves particularly well in abrasion - corrosion conditions (agitators, screws, rakes...). Superduplex grades are frequently used in mixed acids containing chlorides.
Thanks to its copper content, UR™ 2507Cu performs very well in sulfate environments, for example flue gas cleaning.
The minimum PREN value of 40 also explains why the alloys are highly resistant to pitting corrosion and crevice corrosion.
The alloy behave much better than 904L and is, for pitting corrosion resistance, nearly equivalent to 6 Mo super austenitic grades. In some cases, the crevice corrosion resistance is slightly higher than 6 Mo alloys due to the 25% Cr additions.
The stress corrosion resistance properties of superduplex stainless steels are excellent in high temperature chloride containing solutions as well as in sour gas applications.


• Seawater systems and desalination
• Oil and gas Industry including sour gas applications
• Petrochemical industry including PVC strippers
• Pulp and paper industry (bleaching...)
• Chemical industry including organic acids
• Sulphuric acid plants
• Phosphoric acid plants
• Trucks multipurpose containers
• Pollution control equipments (scrubbers)
• Geothermal tubes
• Hydrometallurgy
• ...


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