Telus offers the full range of special stainless and nickel alloy products, flat or long, standard or cut to size, rolled, extruded, forged or casted, raw or machined, formed or fabricated.

For all those reasons, TELUS must definitely be your KEY SUPPLIER.

TELUS can respond any demand

TELUS can offer Special Stainless and Nickel Alloys from own stock, transform or machine them in own premises, provide calculations from its engineering office, manufacture any kind of equipments, sub contract any operation which cannot be made “at home” like forming or bending, care for transport and logistic services, in order to provide “just in time deliveries” of the goods, including express delivery for shut down cases,…

A worldwide distributor

Thanks to its many local partners or agents worldwide, and although the Head Offices and Warehouses are situated in Luxembourg, TELUS focuses significantly on the export markets outside Europe : South America, Africa... TELUS offers its products , services and knowledge in more than 30 countries

TELUS operates in all fields of the industry, but the main sectors of activities where TELUS provides its best expertise are : chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas, nuclear, energy, desalination, pulp and paper, mining…

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